Group CSR

RWL CSR activity at Arun Rainbow Homes

Parveen, known for its keen sense of corporate social responsibility, and commitment to sustainability and community welfare all these years.

As a part our RWL CSR activity, this time we decided to go to Arun Rainbow Homes, Kosapet, a home for 70 girl children.On our arrival we were greeted by all of the children and some of the volunteers. They looked so happy when they saw us.

They cheered happily and welcomed us with opened arms. We were not ready for the emotion that was going to hit us hard.This experience gave us deeper love and understanding for the children, particularly those who are abandoned, neglected, and orphaned.

We played games with the children had a lot of fun and they enjoyed themselves. They had a nice time with us.We provided items the children right from house hold items to personal usage stuffs.

Later on, we had our dinner with them and our day ended with a heavy heart and quite a heart-warming experience it was indeed for everyone.

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