Systematic training for Skilled Drivers of Light and Heavy vehicles

Professional Consultants(PC), a part of ABBE, operates under two major units PSTC & PDTA.

Recruiting and managing high quality of manpower solutions for MNC’s across various industries including total recruitment solutions.

Through our validated methodology and processes, we are able to supply skilled staffs.

An alliance with PC will benefit you with a contract of employment and free training, so you can be assured of quality service, reduced absenteeism, increased retention and greater efficiency.

Professional Driver Training Academy (PDTA) was started in the year 2012 aiming to elevate safe transport in India. We strongly believe the importance of qualified drivers in the transport industry. With more than 50 years of experience in the transport segment, we understand every aspect of transport segment and driver training. We have a holistic approach which helps us develop wholesome individual for the society.

Professional Driver Training Academy, with the most advanced infrastructure facilities that meet the industry’s highest requirements for quality and standardization. It is a simple multi station FZ – 40 power steering driving simulator the most advanced software helps to practice driving in Indian road conditions. We have applied the latest advances in transport technology to make driver training, business processes, and communication significantly more effective.

PDTA is designed to train over 5,000 drivers every year in different vehicle segments with some of the country’s finest trainers who hold real time experience in the automobile sector for over 2 decades. The academy is a multi – faceted training development program on driver’s driving ability, supports driver training & assessment with the latest simulator (fully furnished AC room).PDTA is much more than a driving school. It’s is an educational and development academy for the highway transport industry to retain the best of the driving skills.


This sophisticated computerized device helps us in providing training in situations with awareness risk analysis, forward/rear manoeuvres, decision making, and emergency reaction in classroom environment.


We offer our classes in special fleet of vehicles assigned for training purposes. Our fleet consists of different ranges of vehicles to provide hands on driving experience.

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